tyler Waterman

Tyler Waterman is the founder and farmer of Laughing Mother Farm. He has been farming professionally for 6 growing seasons. He got his start in Arcata, CA selling produce at the local farmer’s market and eventually worked his way into wholesale accounts and restaurant sales. Tyler was born and raised in Calaveras county and graduated from Bret Harte in 2009.  After high school he made his way up north to Arcata, CA to Humboldt State University where he received his B.S. Degree in Environmental Management and Protection. Here he began his career as a farmer and also developed his  skills and knowledge of carpentry and forestry.  

Tyler’s passion for environmental protection is a driving force behind his career as a farmer, carpenter, and forester. In the fall of 2015, Tyler had the unique opportunity to combine these passions when he decided to move Laughing Mother Farm to Brice Station.

Now, he works alongside and in collaboration with the Brice Station family and is actively farming 2.5 acres of vegetables, hops, and fruit. In June of 2017 the farm began its first year of  CSA (a weekly box of produce to local community members). Along with farming Tyler also provides farm fresh meals for all concerts held at Brice Station Vineyards.




Natalie weinberg

Natalie Weinberg is joining the Laughing Mother Farm team this season. Her passion for farming was sparked at the age of 20 while interning at Bayside Park Farm in Arcata, CA during her time at Humboldt State University. After receiving a BS in Environmental Science/Ecological Restoration, she was offered an opportunity to live and learn about ecological farming at Neukom Family Farm, a family-run farm and orchard in Humboldt County. She returned to Bayside Park Farm for a season, working closely with the community on the farm and at farmers' markets. 


Tyler and Natalie met and made plans to farm together as their relationship blossomed. After spending much time in Arnold and Murphys throughout her childhood, she is happy to have followed her heart back to Calaveras County.


Natalie's passion to feed people nutrient-rich, fresh food has been cultivated through a number of opportunities. Cooking at a local farm-to-table restaurant in Arcata, Cafe Phoenix, taught her how to creatively transform fresh food into delicious nourishment. She is excited to serve the Calaveras community through catering with Laughing Mother Farm. She now also works at the Natural Foods store, where she has been integrating into the Calaveras community. 


Garrett Waterman

Garrett Waterman started farming with his brother Tyler Waterman in May of 2017. He moved back to Calaveras County from San Diego where he had been working as a bicycle mechanic and service manager for 8 years. Garrett was raised in Calaveras County and graduated Bret Harte in 2007. 


Garrett's passion for bicycles started in college when he was working at REI and attending Sierra College in Rocklin. He then moved to San Diego to further his knowledge for bicycles and sustainable living. Garrett did not have a car for over 6 years and used a bike for all modes of transportation. He has toured by bicycle down the coast of Oregon and California.  His most recent touring adventure was from San Diego to Calaveras County to move himself and most of his belonging to the farm in May.  He is very committed to his passion for riding and working on bikes.

Previous to the 2017 growing season Garrett had not worked on a farm, but he is not afraid of getting dirty. He has a positive attitude with any job he is given and is eager to learn more about farming.






KAya THe Hound

Kaya is an Australian Shepherd/Blue-tick Coonhound dog supervisor.  She joined Laughing Mother Farm in the Spring of 2017 and is fitting in quite nicely.  Kaya is the farm supervisor, always making sure that the farm team is working with a smile on their face.  She loves to greet CSA members with her hound-dog howl.  She moved here from a rescue in Tuolumne county and greatly enjoys her new farm freedom.  She can be seen enjoying naps in the shade on a hot summer day or snacking on some farm fresh vegetables around the farm.